Letters - 16 September 2022

From First converters to Words recalled

First converters

It was good to read about our ‘equal marriage’ in the news pages of the Friend (19 August), but I would like to clarify that our marriage was converted from our 2008 civil partnership (CP). It was the first in a Quaker Meeting house in the country. Michael Booth came up from Friends House to take photos of our marriage certificate, and quietly record the making of history. Anne van Staveren (then media officer) wanted to have an item about this ground-breaking event in a big newspaper but we said no, we wanted our privacy. Michael had checked and double-checked the date, 10 December 2014, 10am, so we were the first to do this. We may not have had the very first Quaker marriage from nothing, but we were the first converters of our CP to a Quaker marriage, equal marriage.

The government then legally backdates the marriage date to that of the civil partnership, so our marriage is from 8 May 2008. But we are very proud to be the first to convert to a full marriage in our Bolton Meeting House.

We had help from registrar Bronwen Hardy, clerk Norma Lee, photographer for the day Stan Lee, and our many, many supporters in Bolton Meeting House. Without their help this history-making event could not have happened. I know my Quaker funeral, when it happens, will be just as unique and special. Thank you for including this clarification of our special day’s details, which are recorded in Friends House. Sadly Bronwen Hardy is no longer alive, nor many of the Friends who were with us on the day.

Peace and Light.

Rosie Adamson-Clark and Chris Smith

A hole in one

How wonderful it was to read Sharen Green’s article about her protest at the JCB golf tournament (2 September). She and her Friends did not glue themselves to anything, disrupt the event, fight with the police or throw paint. They will have had more influence among the attending crowds by not spoiling their day. They provided cheerful information for those who wished to talk, including policemen and site marshals and informative leaflets on windscreens for others.

I feel she has set an example to all Quakers. Congratulations.

Robert Campbell

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