Letters - 15 March 2024

From First encounter to Pacifism and pacificism

First encounter

In this week’s Friend (1 March), Jim Norris fears that George Fox’s close connection with Elizabeth Hooton of Skegby near Mansfield is being overlooked in the centenary celebrations.

He and other readers will be glad to know that in the Quaker Arts Network film project recently featured in the Friend (news, 19 January) there is a film by Journeymen Theatre of Elizabeth and her first encounter with George Fox. It can be viewed, with the other films submitted so far, at https://quakerarts.net/projects/fox400.

Please join in with our project in this centenary and submit your videos. Lots of ideas are on the website too, including simple ones. I can help you with apps and thoughts on formatting too. Let’s make this year fantastic with our creativity.

Amanda Jones

Quakers and the Bible

I so enjoyed the letter from our Bideford Friend (1 March).

I have a Bible printed by my gggggg-grandfather Isaac Collins of Burlington New Jersey in 1792 – the first Quaker Bible ever printed in the USA as the British Empire had prohibited people there (at that time a colony) from printing Bibles.

The first pages of my 1792 Quaker Bible were filled with the names of the family that bought it – cousins of Isaac from Nantucket the island of 5,000 Quaker cousins. Some of my cousins are still Quakers after all this time.

The other pages were virgin, clearly never read in over 230 years by all those Quaker cousins.

I do like reading my virgin 1792 Bible in spite of the old weird print. Lots of good stuff.

David Hickok

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