Letters - 10 March 2017

From the Leaveners to singing out

The Leaveners

I agree with Penelope Putz (3 March) that the end of the Leaveners is unutterably sad.

I was a new Quaker when Jo Farrow invited me to the ‘Equipping for Ministry’ conference in 1991. I sat next to Alec Davison, founder of the Leaveners, at the first meal. He invited me to join the Leaveners at Bradford for ‘Beyond the Walls’. Wow! Here were people of vision!

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust cannot sustain £34,000 a year to support the Leaveners. This is less than the salary of one job being advertised at Friends House over the last few weeks. Surely the Leaveners is worth that?

Jill Allum

The trustees of the Leaveners feel they should ‘quit while they are ahead’ and close the charity as required by law. The Extraordinary General Meeting on 4 March may discern otherwise.

I wonder how deep into their pockets Friends who bemoan the closure are prepared to dig to support the Leaveners?

Although not part of Yearly Meeeting, and maybe only wishful thinking, just one of those £38,000 plus jobs advertised at Friends House would go a long way to fill the funding gap!

Edward Creasy

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