Letters - 04 May 2018

From membership to 'daffodil ministry'


I understand the suggestion that we should discontinue the off-putting process of what amounts to an assessment visit to a Friend who has applied for membership. However, just allowing open membership would do nothing to address the difficulties resulting from a widespread lack of understanding of ‘Quaker processes’.

Perhaps a Friend wanting to become a member could be invited to consider a checklist of Quaker experience? Two of these questions could be ‘Have you attended your Local Business Meeting?’ and ‘Have you attended your Area Meeting?’

Although I understand that some people’s circumstances make it difficult for them to attend their Local and Area Meetings, at least these questions make the point that an understanding of the business of our Meetings is expected of members.

Jane Taylor

Surely we aim to increase the diversity of our membership, as individuals, while striving for unity over the essentials of our approach to God?

Daphne and Peter Copestake

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