Led by the Spirit

Helen Drewery considers the work of Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) in the past year and looks to the future

A question that keeps getting asked these days is ‘what will success look like?’ Over much of the last year I have been reflecting on this and similar questions with colleagues and with the Friends from across Britain who make up our Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) Central Committee.

For QPSW, which works on a dozen subjects using a wide variety of methods, the answer is not going to be simple. And we aim high. We want to help in bringing peace and justice to Israel and Palestine, in building a restorative criminal justice system in Britain, in banning nuclear weapons and in changing the world’s economy into one which is sustainable and fair. If success is measured against those aims, we have certainly failed so far. But if we think like that, we will despair.

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