In original Light

Judith Favor journeys into the Quaker heartland

A view from the top of Pendle Hill. | Photo: Andy Rothwell / flickr CC.

As we went I spied a great high hill called Pendle Hill… and when I came atop of it I saw Lancashire sea… and the Lord let me see atop of the hill in what places he had a great people to be gathered.

- George Fox 1652

The job of a Quaker pilgrimage is to re-connect us with eternal truths, lucidly lived.

I was a great-grandmother by the time I found my way to the hall where Quaker faith and practice began. In May 2017, walking through Swarthmoor Hall’s stone entryway, I felt rooted and grounded in Love. I never would have made it there, though, without Connie McPeak Green’s caring guidance and sturdy companionship.

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