Ill, at ease: Barrie Mahoney on dealing with terminal cancer

‘A cancer cell’s determination fascinates me.’

‘“Fighting cancer” is an expression that does not sit easily with me.’ | Photo: by Olga Kononenko on Unsplash

Following my ‘Travelling hopefully’ article (13 May), I have received a number of emails, enquiries and comments asking for more information about how I am dealing with my terminal illness. They usually ask if I am having counselling or other support. My answer is that I usually find what I need within my ‘reserve bank’ of Quaker wisdom and beliefs, together with the love and support of my partner, family and friends. Since my diagnosis in October 2021, I have experienced much the same rollercoaster of emotions as many other sufferers. I have no answers, but I hope that retelling my limited experiences will be of some help to others in my position.

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