Friends support airshow protest

Quaker Roots hosted Meetings for Worship at Farnborough International Airshow and tweeted words of 'Yemen friend' to arms dealers.

Farnborough protest, White Poppy Campaign

The Quaker Roots group supported protests at the Farnborough International Airshow last week. Friends joined activists at the Hampshire event, which the White Poppy for Peace Campaign called ‘an arms fair in all but name, providing multinational arms companies… with a means to display their products’.

Quaker Roots hosted Meetings for Worship there, and also tweeted the words of a ‘Yemen friend’ to the arms dealers: ‘When an air raid drops on us you would see… women and children… amongst the killed and injured… Do you know what these weapons you are selling do to us, here in Yemen?’

The witness was organised by Greater Rushmoor Action for Peace, with support from: the Peace Pledge Union; Campaign Against Arms Trade; and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign; as well as Quaker Roots. Attendees included representatives from the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Israel, Morocco and Turkey.

Boris Johnson was heavily criticised for opening the event, and in so doing missing his third Cobra meeting on the heatwave emergency.

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