Friends share stories for Quaker Week

Friends came together to mark 2019’s Quaker Week by sharing stories of how living as a Quaker can challenge, inspire and transform

Friends at Douala Meeting in Cameroon on World Quaker Day on Sunday 6 October. | Photo: Courtesy of FWCC.

Friends came together to mark 2019’s Quaker Week with outreach and sharing stories. Swarthmoor was just one of numerous Meetings which celebrated the week from 28 September to 6 October and held a stall in Ulverston marketplace highlighting Quaker testimonies, particularly peace, and giving away white poppies. Martin Riley, from Swarthmoor Meeting, said: ‘This has been well received by members of the public during the last three years.’

Swarthmoor Hall held Quaker Week open days, which included a free thirty-five minute audio tour of the historic house.

Exeter Friends featured on BBC Radio Devon on 29 September with Esther White, from Plymouth Meeting, reviewing the papers from a Quaker perspective. In Scotland, Quaker Alastair Cameron gave a ‘Time for Reflection’ in the Scottish parliament on 1 October, before the business of debate began.

Alistair Fuller, head of outreach development for Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM), said: ‘Every year during Quaker Week we encourage Quakers… to share what their faith means to them. This year we are thinking about… the stories of how Quakers live out their faith and how living as a Quaker can challenge, inspire and transform us.’

Elsewhere, Meeting houses, such as the oldest in Cornwall, Marazion Meeting, opened through-out the week. Hannah Brock Womack tweeted that Sheffield Quakers held ‘a half an hour of prayerful quiet on a busy Friday’ in the city centre, with ‘no previous experience of Quakering required’.

Young Friends, mostly from Okehampton Meeting, presented ‘Pause for Thought’: short scripts on integrity, equality and simplicity.

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