Friends asked to act on fracking

Quakers have supported the call to end fracking

A view of Pendle Hill. | Photo: Will Grady / flickr CC.

A call for a ban on new and intensive forms of fossil fuel extraction, including fracking for shale gas and oil, and underground coal gasification is being supported by Friends.

A statement from Friends House said: ‘The UK needs to be investing in efficient and renewable energy, and reducing demand, not in additional fossil fuels. Fracked gas is not the low-carbon solution some suggest that it is and is incompatible with tackling the climate crisis. It is destructive of the environment, land and communities.’

On Saturday 6 May Pendle Hill Area Meeting (AM) is holding an anti-fracking ‘worship for witness’. This starts at 2pm on Pendle Hill, which is at the centre of an area licensed for fracking.

Pendle Hill AM said: ‘We have had our local democratic processes overturned by central government, we have had local people bullied and intimidated by big business and we have had our faith in our governing processes seriously undermined.

‘We are asking Quakers nationally to take a public stance against fracking. We also believe we need to act, however we can, to challenge the lack of accountability and integrity in the politics of this country.’

Meeting for Sufferings, which met on 4 February, said: ‘For some years Quakers in Britain have worked to advocate for climate justice… In 2011 we committed to “speak truth to power” on sustainability issues. We have faith that we can tackle climate change and build a more sustainable future, but we know this is only possible if fossil fuels remain underground.’

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