‘For me, being black is being afraid to leave a shop without buying anything.’

Racism is not just a US problem says Bonnie Gibberd, who has grown up with it in Exeter

'Being black is having to be comfortable about feeling uncomfortable.' | Photo: Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona / Unsplash

My name is Bonnie, I am a fifteen-year-old black girl. I am writing to you to try to inspire you and open your minds.

On 25 May, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, George Floyd was killed when a policeman kneeled on his neck. That’s what this article is about. Initially, the officers who did this weren’t arrested. But since then protests have been taking place all over the USA and other countries, demanding justice. This has resulted in the policeman who did this being charged with second-degree murder (the other officers present, who didn’t stop him or say anything, are being charged with aiding and abetting).

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