Family matters: A Quaker parent’s Thought for the Week

‘I will have to choose whether to be an attentive Quaker or an attentive parent.’

‘The war against good parenting is always waged in the name of “important work”.’ | Photo: by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

It’s going to be a wonderful Quaker summer.

It begins here with the 400th anniversary of the birth of one of our founders, George Fox. We Friends can be wary of celebrating special days, but we know that Fox believed that ‘times and seasons’ were appointed by the ‘Lord of heaven’, so we rightly set aside a moment to remember him. Following shortly after this will be Yearly Meeting, accompanied again this year by a wide range of workshops and sessions from special interest groups. These look rich and fascinating, covering topics we need to get to grips with as a Society. So many of them! In August comes the World Plenary, when Quakers across the world will be able to gather together to experience our particular kind of Friendship. For the first time there will be an online component, which means Friends everywhere will feel a call to attend. As I say, a wonderful Quaker summer.

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