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Friends in stitches

Friends in stitches

The Quaker Tapestry is a wonderful resource for delving into Friends’ history and exploring how Quakers have expressed it.

So, let’s see how you fare with the first in a series of puzzles that dips and dives into the tempting range of topics the tapestry features. You can find information about all the panels at: https://bit.ly/QuakerTapestry.


4. Friends of a financial persuasion were involved in the founding of several institutions still in existence today. The Quaker Trade of_________ is marked in a panel featuring a coach which has lost a wheel [9]

5. The fifth Friends World Conference took place in 1991, seeking to celebrate the diversity of Quaker practice around the world. Friends met in: the Netherlands, _______, and Kenya. [8]

7. The panel dedicated to the ‘Manchester Conference 1895’ features two quotes. Frances Thompson says: ‘God’s truth is given for ____ ___’ [5/3]

8. The setting of a double standard of truth led early Friends to refuse to swear oaths. They regarded ‘the taking of oaths as _________ to the teaching of Christ’ [9]

10. The quote from Romans that appears on the panel depicting Quaker involvement in the wool trade, as merchants, reads: ‘Not________ in business: fervent in spirit’ [8]

12. Friends gathered together to celebrate a Quaker marriage appear in one panel, where Thomas and Mary Ellwood are quoted: ‘We________ felt the Lord with us’ [8]


1. Quaker scientists are honoured in a panel, which includes an astrophysicist, a crystallographer, and a ______ chemist [6]

2. Barefoot Friends on a journey make up the memorable ‘Quaker Pilgrimages’ panel, ‘who knows on what far ________ of the spirit a vision await us’ [8]

3. The unity of diversity within Quakerism is represented beautifully in ‘The Prism’, where ‘divine light passes to become visible in a________ of many colours; many more in their richness than words alone can express’ [8]

6. Quaker simplicity ‘in all things both_________ and material’ is at the core of one brightly-coloured panel [9]

9. How many Quaker botanists are remembered in the panel dedicated to planthunters and gardeners? [6]

11. Elizabeth Fry visited women convicts in Newgate Prison, and ensured that those being transported to Australia were ‘given a bag of______ things’ [6]

You can find the answers here.


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