Eye - 29 June 2018

From blooming blossoms to a Quaker physician in Russia

Blooming blossoms | Photo: Rosie Adamson-Clark

The beauty of nature

Blossoming blooms have inspired Rosie Adamson-Clark, of Bolton Meeting. She told Eye about the burgeoning roses in her walled garden: ‘After four years of aphids, black spot, rust and mites on the roses and me spending hours chopping heads and leaves off, finally they look bloomin’ good! Nature is so uplifting, when the sky is grey, and the mood is low, and the world seems a place lacking in grace, justice and beauty… it is there right in front of us, the colours, the shapes and the smells of the garden flowers are energising! Love is all around us… as the pop song said!’ Rosie also shared a few lines of verse the flourishing flowers moved her to pen:

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