Eye - 10 May 2024

From Glimmers to A woman of mystery


Eye has been so moved by Friends’ generosity with sharing their moments of love and light, and hopes you’ve found your spirits lifted in turn.

Judith Niechcial, of Bromley Meeting, wrote to invite readers into a moment in her life.

She writes: ‘In the 15 March edition of the Friend I was sorry to read of Eye’s bereavement. She asked for other examples where glimmers of light and love have warmed hearts in dark times.

‘[At the time of writing] I have just spent six terrible weeks in hospital and in intensive care following complications from bowel surgery – weak, nauseous, anxious.

‘In a courtyard outside my hospital window grew a large conifer tree. One particularly difficult morning I struggled from bed to the chair, looked out and suddenly saw a group of gold finches flitting about the branches nibbling at the seeds. They were happy, colourful, carefree. What a joyful sight!’

Thank you Judith, warmest wishes for a full recovery.

What has touched your hearts recently Friends?

Murder most friendly

Friends on Facebook have been punning up a storm after Taz Cooper, of Oxford Meeting, shared that the Young Quaker Group there had been ‘workshopping Quaker murder mystery titles over supper’. These included:

No Living Witness

Living Murderously

Minutes to Live

The Final Notice

And Then There Was Silence

Suggestions abounded in the comments…

The Silence of the Elders

The Letter Killeth

Death by Committee

Murder Must Minister

Deadly Discernment

A Murder is Minuted

Murder, She Clerked

Murder on the Ulverston Express

The Clerk Struck One

The Dot and Comma murders

Thresh and Burn

Murder mystery buffs, the challenge is before you! What titles can you come up with?

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