Eye - 02 January 2015

Mug-based musings and napping needs

'...we must have tea: Brown tea, green tea, raspberry tea, mint tea, ginger and honey tea, tea without water, camomile tea.' | Photo: Dan Markeye / flickr CC.

Young Friends ponder napping needs

The vital importance of hot beverages and sufficient napping provision were just some of the topics discussed at Watford Meeting’s Christmas entertainment.

A short scene, acted out by four of the Meeting’s youngsters, grew from the question: ‘We have a Children’s Committee, where adults meet to consider what is best for the children. So, why not the other way around?’ A sprinkling of inspiration later and Robin, Haydn, Aisha and Josiah gathered for the very first Adults and Older People’s Committee, with a little help from Jonathan Carmichael.

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