Elijah’s Crossing

Poem by Jonathan Wooding

'Clear a space there, fill the glass, sit upon the ground for Elijah, holding out his hand to the uncreated light of the mind that tarries.' | Photo: by Yingchih on Unsplash

i.m. Graham Shaw, (1944-2021), author, teacher, priest, friend

There, at the footbridge, in Lublin province,
Kacyzne’s* camera finds Elijah out,
his cap, his waistcoat, the shod foot lifted

back, crossing the river, a grey flame.
And working horses (the charcoal, the chestnut),
break for the silver waters running

beneath Elijah’s bridge. A barefoot girl
paddling, looks up from the white, from the black,
and sees him. He’s monochrome incarnate.

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