Ekta Parishad

Rajagopal PV set up Ekta Parishad in India twenty-five years ago.

Rajagopal speaking at the beginning of Janadesh 2007, a 350km walk from Gwalior to Delhi by 25,000 people, India. | Photo: Ekta Parishad.

Ekta Parishad began by advocating for land, forest and water rights for poor rural communities and is now a significant nonviolent movement for change in India. Steve Whiting, of Quaker Peace & Social Witness, talked to Rajagopal about his vision, Ekta Parishad and nonviolent action.

What is the background to Ekta Parishad?

Ekta Parishad means ‘unity’. When we began we recognised many concerns. One was that young people felt they were in a situation they could not change. We helped by organising training and continue to help young people to believe that poverty is manmade – so we can change it. They also get a bit of knowledge and understanding of laws and institutions that are around them.

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