Education, values and change

Nick Tyldesley considers a book of essays written by Friends

'Do Quakers do revolutions?' | Photo: lucidtech / flickr CC.

The world of contemporary education is the focus of a new book written by a group of British Friends who share a concern for the future of education in Britain and view it from a distinctive, Quaker position. The book, Faith and Experience in Education: Essays from Quaker perspectives, edited by Don Rowe and Anne Watson, is a series of essays on values in education. It is written by a group of teachers and academics and reflects on how pedagogy, spirituality and Quaker testimonies can be seen as symbiotically connected. It is more a series of reflections than a practical manifesto for change. It is aimed at those with some background knowledge of the philosophy of education and who are interested in how values are taught. The authors are either Quakers or sympathetic to Quaker ideas.

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