DR Congo town hit by devastating floods

80,000 people have been affected by ‘horrendous’ floods in the Democratic Republic of Congo in April

A family in Uvira. | Photo: Courtesy of Quaker Congo Partnership UK.

The Quaker Congo Partnership UK charity has highlighted devastating floods in the city where its partner church’s office is based. The city of Uvira in the Democratic Republic of Congo and surrounding areas were hit by ‘horrendous’ floods in April, affecting some 80,000 people and destroying thousands of properties.

Catherine Putz, co-clerk of the charity, told the Friend that an estimated 240 people had died because of the flood from the Mulongwe and Kavinvira rivers: ‘It is a real emergency but has had little or no reporting here. Quaker Congo Partnership UK has launched an appeal for emergency relief.’

A monitoring report written by George Bani, coordinator of d’Initiatives pour la Réconciliation Communautaire and clerk of the Quaker Peace Network in Central Africa, said: ‘According to our observations and our monitoring notes from Friday 17 to Sunday 19 April 2020 morning, more than 7,800 houses would be totally destroyed and more than 2,300 houses partially damaged… more than sixty-one per cent of survivors left their homes without food, clothes or other materials and equipment… We also note the destruction of the drinking water collection centre.’

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