Disley Meeting ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner set on fire

Local people express sympathy and concern

The vandalised BLM banner at Disley Meeting | Photo: courtesy Bridget Dunbar

A Black Lives Matter banner installed outside Disley Meeting House was set on fire last week. The incident on 10 August left part of the garden and banner damaged. Bridget Dunbar from the Meeting told the Friend: ‘Disley is a small Meeting, part of East Cheshire Area Meeting, and Friends did not imagine that their Black Lives Matter banner, placed in the Meeting house garden, would attract much controversy. However, as you can see from the photo, unfortunately not everyone in Disley agrees that Black lives matter. Late on Monday night the Meeting house wardens noticed a smell of burning, and came out to find the banner had been set alight, and the cultivated heather garden around it scorched by the fire. The wardens put out the fire with the help of a neighbour. The police are now investigating.’

Ann Lewis, clerk of the Meeting, said: ‘Since this scary attack, we have been grateful for supportive messages from the Quaker community and beyond. It is good to know we have your solidarity and prayers. The banner was simply expressing our Quaker witness to equality and justice as shown in the Black Lives Matter campaign. Since this happened, many local people who pass every day have expressed their sympathy, concern and shock on our behalf.’

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