‘Deep down we all know in our hearts what thrills us, what feels right.’

Get my meaning: Rosalind Smith’s thought for the week

‘We are born to recognise our inherent divinity.’ | Photo: Raja Patel / Unsplash.

Some years ago, I heard the true account of a solicitor who ran a busy and remunerative practice. One day he gave it all up and became a taxi driver. His friends were amazed but he told them he had become ‘fed up with ripping people off’ and wanted to do something more satisfying, more in touch with the whole community. Of course, this meant that he took a massive drop in income, but he said that he had never felt so happy. He loved meeting and chatting with so many different people, and admitted to finding great satisfaction and enjoyment – and to fulfilling a purpose which had been absent from his life before.

I believe that we come into this life with an inbuilt pattern, a pre-existing life plan. Some are born to be teachers, some to be musicians, artists or writers. Some are born with the gift of caring, or compassion for others. Some to be cooks, gardeners, doctors, surgeons, help-meets, some with mathematical brains. Some of us are blessed with the realisation of this from an early age but for others it comes when they are much older, when something triggers the knowledge that they are not doing what they were meant to do. Until then they are unfulfilled, wondering what’s missing in their lives.

We all need to find our given purpose, our raison d’etre, to become the human being we are each meant to be, to find true meaning in our lives. Deep down we all know in our hearts what thrills us, what feels right, but we often ignore the signs and put objections in the way. And it’s true that often we just cannot obey the inner prompting because we have pressing commitments and responsibilities. But later, when some of these duties are lessened or finished with, then there comes a time of reckoning for the soul and an acceptance that change is needed. Individually, we have come to recognise our own inner design, our individual personal blueprint.

But there is an even deeper purpose, an even greater calling, for each of us to discover. It can come about suddenly, ‘in the twinkling of an eye’, an illuminating flash of inspiration; or it can be painstakingly arrived at after many hours, or even years, of meditation. It is the ‘pearl of great price’ – the realisation that we are not separate from that which we call God, that we are indeed one with that Energy or Life Force, or whatever name you choose to give It. It lives in and as us – ‘In Him we live and move and have our being’. We are born to recognise and acknowledge our own inherent divinity, and to know that everything in existence, all which has being, is a part of that divinity. This is our real purpose – our higher vocation. Even if we feel we might have missed the personal reason for our birth here, we can still attain to that higher calling, that deeper purpose, that intimation of immortality, that oneness with the Universal Mind. This is why we are here.

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