Covid-19 in Africa

QAIG charities respond to emergency needs and variation in epidemics

The Quaker Africa Interest Group (QAIG) charities group has said that the situation in Africa is highly changeable as countries grapple with the differing challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Member Lee Taylor said that a leaflet distributed with last week’s Friend indicating that schools in Zimbabwe would be opening at the end of July is now out of date. The Milton Keynes member said: ‘When the Friends of Hlekweni leaflet went to press, we thought schools were reopening at the end of July, but now Zimbabwe is in strict lockdown… Many Quaker charities support schools in disadvantaged areas [across Africa], many of which have been closed since March. There is some hope that schools will re-open in September, especially for exam classes, but the situation is changeable, and countries are reacting differently, so January 2021 may be more realistic.’

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