Council of Faith visits at Loughborough Meeting

Friends in Loughborough have started an interfaith initiative designed to bring members of the town’s Council of Faith closer together

Loughborough Quakers have started an interfaith initiative for their local Council of Faiths designed to bring members closer together.

Council members, including those from Brahma Kumaris, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, United Reformed Church and one of the Hindu temples, joined the Quaker Meeting one recent Sunday. The gathering was followed by a shared lunch which included the president of the Council of Faiths, the local mayor.

Anthony Gimpel, from Loughborough Meeting, told the Friend: ‘For many years we have been members of Loughborough Council of Faiths and about a year ago some members of the Council realised that we tend to spend our time at meetings talking about items of business rather than getting to know each other. A suggestion was made that each faith community invite members of the Council of Faiths to join them at their place of worship.’

Anthony Gimpel added that ‘there was a sense of being gathered, with some powerful spoken ministry including some from our visitors. Loughborough Council of Faiths is in good heart and we hope our Quaker example will be followed by more invitations to join other communities. Simple conversation is a delightful way to learn about other ways.’

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