Conversations with a Blank Canvas by Isa Levy

Author: Isa Levy. Review by Joanna Godfrey Wood

'Isa conveys her passion and deep commitment to finding the authentic connection with ‘that of God’ – or you could say, the ‘blank canvas’ – within.' | Photo: Book cover of Conversations with a Blank Canvas by Isa Levy

Who is Isa L Levy? Difficult to define. Her brave memoir, Conversations with a Blank Canvas, explores the decades of her life from actor to artist, to arts psychotherapist, with many more labels in between. In 1998 she walked through the doors of her first Quaker Meeting after a chance encounter with a fourth-generation Quaker, who she never bumped into again. He was to buy a painting from her that very day but, more importantly, he was a catalyst for the birth of a vital new chapter in her life. It was very evident to Isa that he was a person who was living his life to the full and allowing opportunities to flow. This quality deeply impressed her – his spontaneous engagement with life was clear to see.

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