Christ, mystery and faith

Cap Kaylor, in the first of two articles, offers a personal reflection on Quakerism in America

'I write as another who loves the Quaker faith but increasingly wonders if he can find a place in it...' | Photo: Alan Levine / flickr CC.

There is a charming, well-worn anecdote about a devout old Quaker couple. They were awakened one night by the sound of a commotion coming from downstairs. Shaking her husband the wife said: ‘Listen, I think there is a burglar in the house. Thee needs to go downstairs and investigate.’ Dutifully, the old man reached for his hunting rifle and stealthily crept down the hallway. Sure enough, just as he came to the staircase he found himself suddenly face-to-face with the prowler coming up from below. Aiming his shotgun at the intruder the Quaker said: ‘Friend, I mean thee no harm, but I’m about to shoot where thee is standing.’

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