‘A voice within him told him more bloodshed was pointless.’

Marian Liebmann is a mediator and an art therapist – activities with conflict resolution at the centre. After reading about a Quaker healing and rebuilding project in Rwanda, she was determined to visit

'I met several inspiring individuals all working to repair the damage and make sure that "Never Again" comes true for Rwanda.' | Photo: Hanna Morris / Unsplash/

At Yearly Meeting Gathering in Warwick 2017 I spoke to Cecile Nyiramana, clerk of Rwanda Yearly Meeting. She encouraged me to go to Rwanda, and also asked me to do some of my workshops on ‘Anger Management with Art’ for Quakers there. She had heard that I had done similar work in northern Uganda. It took me two years and five Quaker charities – my Local and Area meetings were among them, with very generous contributions – to get the funding together. But finally, this year I got to spend six weeks in Rwanda.

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