Issue 09-10-2020

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‘We need to be with others who are inspired.’

FREE 8 Oct 2020 | by Peter Varney

There are many voices expressing concern about growing individualism, continuing the discussion which followed when Ben Pink Dandelion asked if everything in Britain Yearly Meeting is to be related to personal choice. In his review of James Cone’s Black Theology of Liberation (28 August) Mark Russ has pointed to the...

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Edinburgh Friends mark Quaker Week

FREE 8 Oct 2020 | by Rebecca Hardy

‘It was agreed that young F/friends should be involved as much as possible.' | Photo: Central Edinburgh Friends YouTube video.

Edinburgh Quakers created a virtual tour of its Meeting house to share for Edinburgh & East Lothian Doors Open Days 2020 and Quaker Week.

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Meeting for Sufferings: Digital discernment

8 Oct 2020 | by Joseph Jones

‘We know moral norms have changed. What are the moral norms today that we do not see but will be regarded as wrong in the future?’

Friday October’s Meeting for Sufferings (MfS) was originally planned as a residential gathering at Woodbrooke. Those Meetings offer representatives a good amount of time for reflection and fellowship, so it was perhaps this reminder of life before Covid restrictions that contributed to what was, at times, a somewhat sombre...

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‘There is a great need to nurture all Friends into a way of being.’

8 Oct 2020 | by Derrick Whitehouse

‘It is my feeling that prayer still encompasses the feeling of “in touch-ness” that surpasses any other description.’ | Photo: Milada Vigerova on Unsplash.

Brian Speedy was a well-respected Friend and treasurer to Friends Home Service (now Quaker Life). He liked to talk about ‘having money in the kitty’ and often had us in stitches with his delivery on the Home Service financial position. But Brian, who was a senior figure in Lloyds of...

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‘In my professional life I see at first hand the damage wrought on our civil society.’

8 Oct 2020 | by Antonia Swinson

‘It took lock-down to remind policymakers of civil society’s worth.’ | Photo: Mike Erskine on Unsplash.

Some years ago I was asked to write a book based on my experiences as a business journalist. Root of all Evil? How to make spiritual values count argued that when business values are divorced from our spiritual values, ordinary people are exploited, vested interests are enriched, and the biggest...

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‘Spirituality is a response, not a groping in the dark.’

8 Oct 2020 | by Neil Morgan

'Spiritual reality is "prevenient" – it was there before I came along, waiting to be found.' | Photo: Matt Howard on Unsplash.

Quakers have always been Seekers. Seeking has deep roots in the religious and political ferment described in Christopher Hill’s The World Turned Upside Down. In allegorical form it appears in Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. Quaker searching is for something personal, and profound – indeed ‘Ways of Seeking’ has its...

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Friends berate ‘deeply authoritarian’ anticapitalist guidance

FREE 8 Oct 2020 | by Rebecca Hardy

The Quaker Socialist Society (QSS) has spoken out about government guidance that schools should refrain from using teaching materials from organisations that have expressed a desire to end capitalism.

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Surrey Quakers in Black History Month

8 Oct 2020 | by Rebecca Hardy

Surrey Quakers feature in an archive collection exploring the local abolition movement to celebrate Black History Month. The material was compiled by the Surrey Heritage team as part of its ‘Marvel of the Month’ collection for the Surrey History Centre. The October archives explore Surrey’s contribution to the campaign...

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Africa Friend says internet is key

8 Oct 2020 | by Rebecca Hardy

Expanding internet connectivity in rural areas in Africa is key to bringing Friends together through the pandemic, a leading Quaker has said.

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Peace pole for US Friends

8 Oct 2020 | by Rebecca Hardy

A Quaker Meeting in the US has erected a peace pole in its garden.

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The proud old lineage

8 Oct 2020 | by Reg Naulty

We Poets of the proud old lineage Who sing to find your hearts, we know not why (James Elroy Flecker) When found, they are free to follow their imaginations, gladly, wherever they may lead:

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Practical Mystics: Quaker faith in action by Jennifer Kavanagh

8 Oct 2020 | by Jonathan Wooding

‘Oh, Jonathan – the Quakers? Lovely people, but completely impractical!’ This was the polite (but stinging) verdict, sometime in the early 1990s, on my latest head-in-the-clouds, ‘Manchester Guardian’ venture – attending Quaker Meeting in Wandsworth. It was delivered by Mrs O, the elderly mother of an old school friend, who had introduced...

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Letters - 9 October 2020

8 Oct 2020 | by The Friend

Old age In her eloquent and moving article, Adrienne Frazer (25 September) wonders ‘what it is that retired people need that younger people don’t’.  One has to pay people to do what one has always done oneself – for example, cleaning, painting and decorating, perhaps gardening, doing repairs that would...

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