Issue 31-07-2020

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‘Learning happens when we wander across borders, refusing to be contained within them.’

FREE 30 Jul 2020 | by Catherine Henderson

Yesterday a tiny bird was perched on our television aerial, singing incredibly sweetly. But instead of just letting me listen, my busy mind came butting in, wanting to know its name.

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Quakers mark Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days

FREE 30 Jul 2020 | by Rebecca Hardy

Atomic bomb mushroom cloud over Hiroshima. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

As millions get ready to mark the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombs that left tens of thousands dead in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Quakers joined Christian CND’s call for a global ban on nuclear weapons.

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‘Awareness is about what we are doing when we are not meditating.’

30 Jul 2020 | by Tony D’Souza

'Reality is always waiting to be discovered because it is always here. Where else could it be?' | Photo: Aleks Marinkovic on Unsplash

After many years of apprenticeship (ten years in all, not including the first three when he swept the floor, made tea and did whatever he was told) the young man had achieved the rank of Zen teacher. Now, on a rainy, windswept day, he felt happy and confident in his...

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‘The smiles and quick words acknowledged that we were all involved in something very important.’

30 Jul 2020 | by Malcolm Evans

'The online ‘Introduction to Peace Education’ course from Quaker Peace & Social Witness was an oasis of sanity – pure oxygen.' | Photo: Marcel Strauss on Unsplash

You could have been forgiven, during lockdown, for thinking we were facing a war. The language (of front lines, heroic sacrifice, ‘We’ll Meet Again’, ‘the invisible enemy’ and, where PPE was concerned, ‘make do and mend’) showed how official public discourse is more attuned to military strategy and rhetoric...

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‘We should acknowledge that the Quakers did not exactly invent silent worship.’

30 Jul 2020 | by Jonathan Wooding

‘He does not cough or mutter or shuffle his feet to reassure us that he is there.’ | Photo: Kristina Flour on Unsplash

The Anglican Morning Prayer includes directives such as ‘Silence is kept’, and ‘The reading(s) may be followed by a time of silence’. But the principal concern, of course, is not to keep silence: ‘O Lord, open our lips and our mouth shall proclaim your praise.’

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‘The project is a symbolic and practical expression of the Quaker peace testimony.’

30 Jul 2020 | by Jeff Beatty, Kit Byatt and Linda Murray-Hale

'Pity Of War' by Peter Walker, sculptor and artist | Photo: courtesy of The Pity of War Project

In winter 1940-41 twelve-year-old Joyce Gee came face-to-face with death. She was caught in the blitz. Anti-aircraft fire and falling bombs made the world a ‘hell of noise’; explosions rocked her shelter; a nearby house vanished into rubble. Her neighbours were killed. Joyce survived, but the memories never left her.

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Friends of Color’s message to Quakers

FREE 30 Jul 2020 | by Rebecca Hardy

The Friends of Color group has released an epistle calling on Quakers to heed its ‘Call to Action’ on the racial pandemic. ‘To our Friends in the wider Quaker world, we the Friends of Color, can’t breathe,’ said the Outgoing Epistle of the 2020 Virtual Pre-Gathering of Friends of Color...

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Brighton Friend forms music fundraiser

30 Jul 2020 | by Rebecca Hardy

A Quaker composer and patron of The Leaveners has started a fundraising music group after performing on her doorstep throughout the ‘Clap for our Carers’ appeals. The money raised via a Just Giving donations page will go towards helping musicians who are struggling due to the restrictions of the Covid-19...

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Future local, not global, says XR book

30 Jul 2020 | by Rebecca Hardy

Extinction Rebellion (XR) needs to ‘break out of the XR bubble’ and enable entire communities ‘to demand change’, says a new XR digital handbook that Quakers have been sharing.

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Covid-19 in Africa

30 Jul 2020 | by Rebecca Hardy

The Quaker Africa Interest Group (QAIG) charities group has said that the situation in Africa is highly changeable as countries grapple with the differing challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Member Lee Taylor said that a leaflet distributed with last week’s Friend indicating that schools in Zimbabwe would be opening...

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Roger Fry: A biography, by Virginia Woolf

30 Jul 2020 | by Simon Webb

After four years studying English Literature at university, Virginia Woolf stuck in my mind as an author I really needed to look at in more detail in later life. It’s only taken me thirty-five years and a global pandemic to get round to reading her biography of Roger Fry,...

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For America in a time of a drought

30 Jul 2020 | by Dana Littlepage Smith

The rain in the old cemetery is simple. It falls on yarrow, clover, ragwort dispensing pearls into the grain of day, into the Yorick skull-clot of Devon clay. The tissue of the warm-wooded dead is wormed with the first drop of its showers, runs into the finger-hold of tiny oaks,...

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Eye - 31 July 2020

30 Jul 2020 | by Elinor Smallman

A rib-tickler There was a young Quaker from Bude Whose language was exceedingly rude An elder said ‘Friend, this must come to an end’ And his reply I must now exclude… Bill Chadkirk

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Letters - 31 July 2020

30 Jul 2020 | by The Friend

An ambitious project I was interested to read the review of Michael Wright’s Jesus Today in the Friend (19 June). The author is attempting an ambitious project – to describe the essence of Quakerism as he experiences it in England today and going back to George Fox; to describe the essence...

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