Issue 16-11-2018

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Thought for the Week: Challenging times

FREE 15 Nov 2018 | by Anne Adams

Some of us will remember our exuberant joy seven-and-a-half years ago in Canterbury, when Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) passed Minute 36 committing ourselves to becoming a ‘low-carbon, sustainable community’. This had not happened easily, but was the result of years of hard work by dedicated individuals who had laboured, producing material,...

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Eden Grace

15 Nov 2018 | by Oliver Robertson

Eden Grace. | Photo: Courtesy of Woodbrooke.

Who are you and can you tell us a bit about your background? My name is Eden Grace and I am a member of New England Yearly Meeting, but I have been non-resident for fourteen years. The first nine years of that I was living in Kenya and working among...

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The Inward Light

15 Nov 2018 | by Molly Scott Cato

The public realm has grown increasingly conflicted in recent years and, without a strong grounding in personal morality or spiritual belief, it is easy to become buffeted by the winds of disinformation and attacks from opponents.

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Baring all for peace

15 Nov 2018 | by Roger Babington Hill

Vihta drying outside a sauna. | Photo: kallerna via Wikimedia Commons.

Finland has such a close relationship with the sauna that the words are almost synonymous. For Finns, the sauna is seen as much a pathway to an uplifting social and spiritual experience as a physical one.

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Shine a light

15 Nov 2018 | by Sam Cooper and Rici Marshall Cross

A view of York from the top of York Minster. | Photo: / flickr CC.

We gathered in York at Friargate Meeting House. As usual, the shared Meeting for Worship with local Friends on Sunday morning was a highlight, and, in ministry we celebrated the gifts that Friends of all ages bring to the Society.

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Encounters with the divine

15 Nov 2018 | by Terry Winterton

The stone circle at Castlerigg. | Photo: Terry Winterton.

It was time set aside, to notice the nudges and prompts of the Spirit in the natural world. Nine of us had come together, for four days in September, at Glenthorne Quaker Guest House and Conference Centre in Cumbria.

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Passengers at risk of injury or worse ‘Stansted Fifteen’ activist tells court

FREE 15 Nov 2018 | by Rebecca Hardy

The Quaker activist on trial for blocking the take-off of an immigration removal charter flight gave evidence in court recently that she was acting out of conscience to protect the passengers’ human rights.

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Friends throughout the UK mark Armistice Day and reaffirm peace

FREE 15 Nov 2018 | by Rebecca Hardy

Quakers up and down the country marked the centenary of the end of world war one with a range of peace-affirming vigils and events. From street theatre to art work, Friends commemorated the Armistice while reaffirming their commitment to a more peaceful world. Huddersfield Quakers said they were upholding local...

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White poppy sales break all records

15 Nov 2018 | by Rebecca Hardy

Sales of white poppies in 2018 are the highest they have ever been since their launch in 1933 – despite a barrage of criticism in the media.

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Mental health and young people

15 Nov 2018 | by Rebecca Hardy

Seventy friends gathered at the ‘Mental Health and Young People’ day in Birmingham, organised by the Quaker Mental Health Forum. The day at the Priory Rooms on 3 November brought together Friends to share personal and professional experiences in workshops and reflective spaces.

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Conscientious objectors on DVD

15 Nov 2018 | by Rebecca Hardy

The Quaker Service Memorial Trust (QSMT) has released a DVD containing interviews with world war two members of the Friends Ambulance Unit (FAU) and Friends Relief Service (FRS). The Pacifism Under Test DVD is the result of a QSMT oral history project containing two hours of interviews (out of fifty...

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Less is more

15 Nov 2018 | by Tony D’Souza

Every time I turn on the television, it seems I see somebody cooking something. I switch the channel and somebody else is buying a house, or fixing a car, or catching a fish. Alternatively, I can watch somebody baking a cake or someone cooking something else; and, if they are...

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Letters - 16 November 2018

15 Nov 2018 | by The Friend

An unknown champion of peace I was at my Local Meeting on Armistice Day. Halfway through the Meeting, I started thinking about my maternal grandfather George. My mother told me that during world war one, George and his family attended the abbey in Dunfermline, the ancient capital of Scotland, the...

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