Issue 11-05-2018

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Thought for the Week: Britain Yearly Meeting 2018 Epistle

FREE 10 May 2018 | by Britain Yearly Meeting

To Friends around the world: Loving greetings from Britain Yearly Meeting 2018, gathered in glorious sunshine in and around London from 4 to 7 May. We have rejoiced in the voice and witness of Friends of all ages. Our diversity has been enriched by over 40 Friends and visitors from around the globe, with...

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A time of change

FREE 10 May 2018 | by Ian Kirk-Smith

Friends gather in the Large Meeting House before the Swarthmore Lecture. | Photo: Trish Carn.

A wide ranging and careful consideration of a book at the heart of British Quakerism, Quaker faith & practice, dominated the main sessions of the 350th consecutive Yearly Meeting of Friends in Britain, held at Friends House in London between 4-7 May 2018. The unbroken sequence of Yearly Meetings is a...

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Britain Yearly Meeting 2018: Special interest groups

10 May 2018 | by Reporting by Roland Carn, Rebecca Hardy and Elinor Smallman

Friends’ Ambulance Unit uniform. | Photo: Trish Carn.

In the library… On 6 May the library hosted the Quaker Service Memorial Trust, who are launching a DVD of interviews with members of the Friends’ Ambulance Unit (FAU) and Friends’ Relief Service (FRS). On display were related items from the library’s collection. Climate justice and the new economy Quaker...

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Britain Yearly Meeting 2018: Photo montage

10 May 2018 | by All photos by Trish Carn unless otherwise stated

Friends on the Young People’s Programme with Chris Alton, the 2018 Swarthmore lecturer. | Photo: © Britain Yearly Meeting.

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Britain Yearly Meeting: Children and Young People

10 May 2018 | by Elinor Smallman and Ian Kirk-Smith

Friends in the Young People's Programme. | Photo: © Britain Yearly Meeting.

Faith and Play storytelling The use of storytelling to help children – and adults – find words and images to express experiences of mystery and wonder was the subject of a stimulating interest group on Saturday lunchtime. Melinda Wenner Bradley, youth engagement officer with Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, said that the ‘Godly Play’...

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Salter Lecture: Bearing witness or bearing whiteness?

10 May 2018 | by George Osgerby

A central theme of the Salter Lecture at Yearly Meeting on 4 May was ‘power’. Diana Jeater explored in different ways the imbalances in ‘power relationships’ between Africa and the west. In ‘Bearing witness or bearing whiteness? Britain, Africa and Quakers’ the African history scholar and Quaker pointed out that: ‘You...

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Quakers to ‘drop God’?

FREE 10 May 2018 | by The Friend Newsdesk

Quakers were in the national news last week with articles appearing in two leading newspapers stating that Friends in Britain were considering ‘dropping God’ from a newly revised Quaker faith & practice (Qf&p).

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QUIP gather for Glenthorne conference

10 May 2018 | by The Friend Newsdesk

The annual Quakers Uniting in Publications (QUIP) conference was held at Glenthorne Quaker Centre and Guest House in Cumbria last month to explore the topic ‘Writing at the Edge’.

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The changing face of faith in Britain

10 May 2018 | by Huw Lloyd-Richards

More than fifty Friends gathered at Woodbrooke in mid-March to discuss and respond to three written and circulated parts of the report The Changing Face of Faith in Britain, how should Quakers Respond? and to contribute to a part four. This was a well-organised event, rich in content, with excellent...

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Moving toward integrity

10 May 2018 | by Gretchen Castle

What do we know of one another? Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) is committed to building understanding and unity among Friends across the world. We learn, over and over again, that this profound diversity work challenges every bit of ourselves, even when we feel God working through us.

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Letters - 11 May 2018

10 May 2018 | by The Friend

Christian spirituality On finally deciding, some years ago, to apply for full membership, it was with the conviction that I was joining a Religious Society, with an honourable record of social concern and action, all firmly rooted in a broadly Christian experiential spirituality. The historian of many spiritual traditions, Evelyn...

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