Issue 07-04-2023

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Thought for the week: John Wattis talks Jesus

FREE 6 Apr 2023 | by John Wattis

‘Attentive to God, attentive to people.’ These were the opening words of a heading for a Lent midweek meeting in our local Churches Together group. The final part was called ‘Talking Jesus’.

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A piece of Works: Ruth Tod introduces Isaac Penington

6 Apr 2023 | by Ruth Tod

‘For grace is a spiritual, inward things, a holy seed… that springs up in the heart.'

In February, our Meeting invited people in our town to see the snowdrops in what used to be the burial ground. The space is now an orchard, with the old gravestones propped up against the walls. As visitors walked through the archway they stopped still, spellbound. ‘This is a sanctuary,’...

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Looking after our own people: Elizabeth Coleman talks to Levi Munyemana, a Quaker pastor in North Ki

6 Apr 2023 | by Elizabeth Coleman

‘We visit and provide counselling. That’s all we can do because we don’t have any other means.’ | Photo: Friends in North Kivu

Recently I asked George Bani, a Friend from South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), if he could put me in touch with a Quaker in North Kivu. I knew George through Quaker Congo Partnership. I wanted to make contact with North Kivu Friends as I had...

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Meet and drink: Tony D’Souza and the toddy tapper

6 Apr 2023 | by Tony D’Souza

A toddy tapper, 2005 | Photo: by Brian Snelson on Flickr

It was the most remarkable encounter of my life. It was perhaps more remarkable because no words passed between us: he did not speak English, and I did not speak Tamil. That didn’t matter, because what happened when I met the toddy tapper was beyond words.

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Canterbury Friends’ Covid memorial

FREE 6 Apr 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

'Writing out these messages has led to some very moving conversations with people who have lost loved ones.' | Photo: Canterbury Friends’ Covid memorial tree

Canterbury Friends commemorated the third anniversary of the Covid lockdown by garlanding a tree in their garden with hearts and yellow ribbons.

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Eye - 7 April 2023

6 Apr 2023 | by Elinor Smallman

Photos courtesy of Dawn Beck

Flying the Friendly flag Eye was delighted to find a lyrical missive in the mailbag. Ol Rappaport, from Ealing Meeting, reached out to share: ‘I’m currently studying “multiple religious belonging” at Woodbrooke online. [Recently] I was prompted to recall a ditty I penned several decades ago… to be sung...

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QUNO speaks at IPCC climate talks

FREE 6 Apr 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

Quakers were an integral part of a global scientists’ report last month, which delivered a ‘final warning’ on the climate crisis.

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Speaking out on Ofsted

6 Apr 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

The Quaker peace education team has spoken out about the work of Ofsted following outcries over a Berkshire headteacher who took her own life after her school’s stressful inspection.

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Glenthorne Quakers support refugees

6 Apr 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

A Quaker-supported project providing short respite breaks for asylum seekers and refugees continues to grow.

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Woodbrooke prepares anthology of memories

6 Apr 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

Woodbrooke trustees have opened an email address to collect stories from Friends, with the aim of creating an anthology of memories. The move follows the announcement that the building is to close as a Quaker centre, although Woodbrooke will continue online.

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Choice: Daniel Clarke Flynn positively discriminates

6 Apr 2023 | by Daniel Clarke Flynn

As a human being with the ability to choose – unlike anything else we know of in creation – I have come to believe that the most important question that I need to ask is: ‘What do I want today?’ I then wait for intuitions and unplanned thoughts to come to me....

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A Friendly Word, by Stephen Sayers

6 Apr 2023 | by Stephen Sayers

This book is relatively short, only about twenty pages, but it covers a huge amount of ground – Quaker ground. It aims to explain what it means to be a Quaker to young people over the age of about seven years.

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Letters - 07 April 2023

6 Apr 2023 | by The Friend

A third way? If I were living in a country that was threatened by, or subject to, an armed invasion I would not want to stand passively by; but, as a Quaker, I would not feel able to endorse the prior existence of an armaments industry that would be the...

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