Issue 09-04-2021

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Thought for the week: Kate McNally’s strange bedfellows

FREE 8 Apr 2021 | by Kate McNally

It is by our “imperfections” that we move towards each other, towards wholeness of relationship. It is our oddities, our grittiness, the occasions when we hurt or are hurt, that challenge us to a deeper knowledge of each other. Our sins have been said to be stepping-stones to God.’ (Quaker...

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One step at a time: Bernie Kennedy values slowing down at North West Regional Gathering

8 Apr 2021 | by Bernie Kennedy

‘I am quietly impressed by sheep. Sheep are grounded. They read the weather well. They are both solitary and communal.’ | Photo: by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

On the last weekend in March, over Zoom, we held the North West Regional Gathering of Friends. Sixty-five Friends were present, many of us getting on in years (though still retaining a childlike curiosity), but also a smattering of teenagers who helped us plan and facilitate.

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Seeing Iris, part two: Jonathan Wooding has more on a profound Quakerly thinker

8 Apr 2021 | by Jonathan Wooding

‘There are innumerable points at which we have… to attend upon the grace that comes through faith.’ | Photo: Ida Kar/National Portrait Gallery

If Iris Murdoch had ministered to Friends (as some of her relatives did) I suspect we would have welcomed this: ‘Perhaps (I believe) Christianity can continue without a personal God or a risen Christ, without beliefs in supernatural places and happenings, such as heaven and life after death, but retaining...

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Footing the Bill: Juliet Morton on how Q-CAT has been lobbying parliament

8 Apr 2021 | by Juliet Morton

Massimiliano Morosinotto on Unsplash

Our faith can be so uncomfortable. It can drive us to seek to act in areas we are not familiar with. Quaker Concern for the Abolition of Torture (Q-CAT) was compelled to act in new ways by the realisation that a Bill passing through Parliament would create grave injustices and...

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Myanmar: John McConnell works with street kids in the coup

8 Apr 2021 | by John McConnell

'Please hold our staff, children and their families in the light.' | Photo: by MgHla (aka) Htin Linn Aye on Wikimedia Commons

Seeing the news from Myanmar, and hearing the fear in the voices of friends there, I live with an aching heart. On top of the pandemic, Myanmar society is convulsed by a military coup which, friends say, is much harder to bear. Widespread protests have been met with harsh measures...

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Friends consider future of The Pales

FREE 8 Apr 2021 | by Rebecca Hardy

The Pales, courtesy Chris Robertson

Friends from Southern Marches Area Quaker Meeting (SMAQM) came together last month to consider the future of the eighteenth-century Meeting house The Pales.

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Friends highlight census’s arms link

FREE 8 Apr 2021 | by Rebecca Hardy

Huddersfield Quakers have alerted Friends to the fact that a leading military company is involved in the UK 2021 Census. The contract for processing census forms has been put in the hands of Leidos, one of the world’s biggest military companies. This follows the last census ten years ago when...

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Race report ‘ignores need for structural change’

8 Apr 2021 | by Rebecca Hardy

Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) has said that it is ‘disappointed’ in the UK government’s race report that was released last week. It said that BYM had called ‘for action to carry out the recommendations of previous reports and tackle structural inequalities’. The Quakers in Britain account tweeted: ‘We’re...

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Database for women peace meditators

8 Apr 2021 | by Rebecca Hardy

The Quaker group Northern Friends Peace Board (NFPB) has highlighted a new platform aimed at putting women in the forefront of peacemaking.

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Scottish Quakers support hustings guide

8 Apr 2021 | by Rebecca Hardy

Quakers in Scotland are publicising a guide to help Friends engage with candidates for the Scottish parliamentary elections in May. The twenty-seven-page guide, put together by the Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office, looks at how to run a hustings meeting. There are details on inviting candidates, appointing a chair, and different...

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On bored: Matthew Callow finds ‘a potent energy’

8 Apr 2021 | by Matthew Callow

When children complain of boredom, we can get irritated. I should know, I was such a child. As the years pass, we become more articulate and dexterous, able to engage in expressive activity and all the occupations and distractions that come with growing up. For me, this included drawing, poetry,...

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Epiphanies: Poems of liberation, exile and confinement, by Harvey Gillman

8 Apr 2021 | by James Gordon

Some readers will know that Harvey Gillman, much-respected author and speaker, has always been a poet.

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Letters - 9 April 2021

8 Apr 2021 | by The Friend

Three categories I was delighted by the review by Reg Naulty (19 February) of Danny Orbach’s book The Plots Against Hitler. This is a subject with which Quakers should be much better informed. The Quakers were the only organisation that organised anything to save the Jews of Nazi Europe.  ...

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