Issue 23-10-2009

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Advices, queries and the database state

FREE 23 Oct 2009 | by William Heath

There must be something about the Quaker determination to focus on injustice and do something constructive and compassionate about it which accounts for the Society’s extraordinary record on social justice and civil liberties. I am still only now learning about the scope and detail of that history, but every...

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New film highlights inspiring Quaker work in Rwanda

23 Oct 2009 | by Friend web

A still from the film. | Photo: Image courtesy of Josiah Films.

Staff at Friends House in London last week previewed ICYIZERE:hope, a moving and provocative documentary by Patrick Mureithi about a Rwandan Quaker initiative that brings together survivors and perpetrators of the 1994 genocide. The film, still a work in progress, features a three-day workshop entitled Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities....

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The children of Theresienstadt

23 Oct 2009 | by Paul Green

The beds where prisoners slept. | Photo: Photo: NikiSublime/flickr CC:BY.

The combined ghetto and concentration camp at Theresienstadt (in what is now the Czech Republic) housed many prominent Jewish artists, writers, composers and intellectuals. Its rich cultural life was exploited by the Nazis who presented it to the Red Cross as a model community, even producing a propaganda film in...

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Friends ‘stand up’ to fight world poverty

23 Oct 2009 | by Joe Mugford

Maidenhead Friends standing up against poverty. | Photo: Maidenhead Quaker Meeting

Friends across the country ‘stood up’ last weekend as part of the three day Stand Up campaign coordinated worldwide by the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) movement. As well as the symbolic act of literally standing up, repeated in homes, public spaces, schools and churches around the world,...

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Union branch backs Friends’ same-sex marriage decision

23 Oct 2009 | by Friend web

A branch of the Unite trade union has passed a resolution supporting Britain Yearly Meeting’s minute regarding same-sex marriages, and pushing for its principles to be enshrined in British law. Secretary Mary O’Brien described the LE/524 branch as ‘a large voluntary sector branch which has most of the...

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Quakers prepare to launch new ‘inreach’ materials

FREE 23 Oct 2009 | by Joe Mugford

Becoming Friends, a specially developed education programme for new Friends and enquirers, has now successfully completed trial runs in Meetings across the country and is ready to launch in early 2010. It came about as a joint enterprise between Quaker Life of Britain Yearly Meeting and Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre after...

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Actor inspires students at school

23 Oct 2009 | by Friend web

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Terry Waite welcomes charity to new home in the neighbourhood

23 Oct 2009 | by Anna Phillips

Staff, supporters, volunteers, trustees and partners of Quaker Social Action (QSA) gathered last week to watch Terry Waite open the east London charity’s new premises in Bethnal Green. Waite, who has recently become a Quaker, spoke movingly of the problems that affect those at the bottom of the economic...

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Is applause Quakerly?

23 Oct 2009 | by Robert Ilson

A recent Hampstead Meeting I attended finished with a musical performance by a group of children and adults that elicited a ripple of applause, which was publicly reproved after the Meeting by the clerk who read out the week’s announcements. When I asked her why she had done so...

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Inclusion? Or equality?

23 Oct 2009 | by John Nurse

Sue Jarvis, in her piece on ‘Inclusion’ (16 October) describes the first and later visits of three people ‘with special needs’ to Doncaster Meeting. They came for a ‘few weeks’. She and they found that we have nothing clear and simple that would tell them what they want to know about...

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Debate: helpful or not?

23 Oct 2009 | by Judy Kirby

There’s nothing like a good debate to clarify positions. The wits are sharpened, the arguments refined and defined, and we finish with a clearer idea of where we stand.  This is democracy’s gift to us. Or is it? In one of her many thoughtful explorations of religions,...

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Letters - 23 October 2009

23 Oct 2009 | by Friend web

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Cole Sahib: Quaker educationist

23 Oct 2009 | by Eleanor Nesbitt

Cole Sahib: The Story of a Multifaith Journey by Owen Cole. Sussex Academic Press. ISBN: 9781845193362. £16.95.  ‘This story has three intertwining strands. One is my deep interest in religious education from 1954 onwards… until now; the second is the multifaith journey that I have travelled since about 1968; and the third is...

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Spreading the equality message

23 Oct 2009 | by John Bell

Earlier in the year the Friend carried a review of an important new book The Spirit Level: Why equal societies almost always do better. The authors Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett are professional academics who present their research in a very serious way. Then in March there was an offer...

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Carrying on the spirit of The Retreat

23 Oct 2009 | by Jonathan Pim

Bloomfield Care Centre, the mental hospital and nursing home owned and managed by Irish Friends, has recently completed its phase 2 development at Stocking Lane in the hills south of Dublin. The official opening was performed by Mary Harney, minister of health, and the launch included a short Meeting for Worship...

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An Englishman in New York

FREE 23 Oct 2009 | by Joe Thwaites

Some of what you hear about America is true. Things are big. The cars are big. Ridiculously big, very shiny and a deep black, and with shaded out windows, of course. They are imposing monstrosities. In most British cities, the number of pedestrians attempting to cross a road can force...

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