Issue 17-09-2010

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Changing the way we live to sustain the world we live in

17 Sep 2010 | by Kevin Redpath

University of kent campus at Canterbury | Photo: University of Kent

The word ‘sustainability’ evokes images of bikes, climate protests, kitchen gardens and recycling centres. We hear it increasingly in the current climate of dire warnings on environmental chaos and economic retrenchment: ‘We must build a sustainable economy!’ What does this really mean? What is sustainable in our lives, what is...

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Campaigners gather to share ideas on religion and peace

17 Sep 2010 | by Symon Hill

Tony Benn has insisted that religion can be a source of peace in the world as well as a source of division. Criticising those who use religion to stir up hatred, the veteran leftwing campaigner emphasised that all major religions teach us to treat others as we wish to be...

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Arms company announces job losses

17 Sep 2010 | by Symon Hill

The arms company BAE Systems has announced 1,000 job losses at five sites across England – only weeks after justifying a major arms deal by saying that it would protect British jobs.

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Quaker staff earn living wage

FREE 17 Sep 2010 | by Symon Hill

British Quakers are doing well when it comes to paying employees a living wage – but they are still behind others who have made a more active commitment. This is the assessment of Church Action on Poverty (CAP), who have compared the practices of major Christian denominations.

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Letters – 17 September 2010

17 Sep 2010 | by Friends

Recording clerk recruitment The Recording Clerk Recruitment Group (RCRG) has been set up by BYM Trustees. The group comprises: Andrew Burns, Geoffrey Rendle (trustees); Jonathan Fox (clerk of trustees); Susan Seymour (clerk of Meeting for Sufferings) and Lis Burch (clerk of Britain Yearly Meeting). Using the experience of Friends involved...

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