Romford Quaker Healing day

Friends in Romford were among those who marked the Quaker Nationwide Day of Healing on 7 March

Romford Quakers held a Meeting for Worship of Healing, as part of the Quaker Nationwide Day of Healing on 7 March.

Quaker Rose John told the Friend: ‘A number of Friends in our Meeting also attend services in other traditions, and we saw this as an opportunity to build bridges and raise the profile of local Quakers. Although there was an underlying Quaker style to the healing, we were clear that visitors could bring their own healing traditions. A key difference to the usual meetings was that people could just drop in and stay as long, or short, as they liked. Some just came to say a prayer and then departed. Others stayed to the end, listening to the ministry. Several people brought specific concerns about their friends and family, and these were held lovingly in the light.’

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