Meeting for Sufferings: Trustees report

The trustees of Britain Yearly Meeting reported to Meeting for Sufferings on 6 June

‘A lot has being going on’ noted Caroline Nursey, clerk of Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) trustees, since she last spoke to Sufferings representatives, in February. But trustees needed guidance as they looked forward, she said. First, though, BYM treasurer Linda Batten gave a financial review of 2019, which had ended much as expected, apart from the ‘massive’ exception of legacy income, which accounted for £7 million of the £17 million income (up from £12 million in 2018). This was abnormal, historically, she said, and BYM needed to move to a position where its regular income matched its routine expenditure. But the surplus of £8.5 million meant that the organisation carried £85.8 million into 2020, which was a good position to be in as the coronavirus struck.

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