Letters - 01 July 2016

From Jo Cox's legacy to 'that of God'

Jo Cox’s legacy

I was at a very low ebb, praying daily ‘lead me from anxiety to serenity’ to no avail. This unusual state of mind, for me, was due to the deterioration in health of two of my closest friends; the refugee crisis; and the looming cloud of ‘the Referendum’, each of which filled me with sadness and foreboding. I was about to give up Tai Chi as I couldn’t remember ‘the form’, although I value it!

Then, suddenly, I witnessed something on television, which lifted me above all these negative issues. It was the emergence of a life that I had never heard of, which was prompted by her untimely death. For me it was ‘a Martin Luther King’ moment, a realisation (although I knew it) that there are people like Jo Cox who want to make the world a better place and they can be MPs!

These ‘hidden jewels’ are loved and respected locally, nationally and internationally and through their lives we can transcend tribalism, nationalism and consumerism – in fact, all the ‘isms’.

So, through genuine compassion for all, especially the weak and vulnerable, within our pain-filled world we can achieve harmony through just one wonderful, positive life. I thank you, Jo. May your legacy of courage live on in each of us.

Marie Miller

EU referendum

At a time when motivation for the global common good is so needed, I am ashamed that my country has fostered a reverse process of personal and nationalistic self-interest.

Howard Grace

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