Eye - 12 June 2020

From tweeting in Sutton to doorstep diaries

Tasty morsels and lots of cheeping! | Photo: milo bostock / flickr CC.

Tickling the funny bone

A Quaker once kept a rare bird
Who uttered a very rude word
But l’m happy to say
We all looked away
And muttered: ‘Our Friend is not heard!’

Sent in by Judith Taylor, from Lancaster Central and North Area Meeting.

Tweeting in Sutton

Birdsong is piping from an unlikely place at Sutton Meeting.Elspeth Andrews, clerk of premises committee, visited the closed Meeting house and told Eye: ‘Blue tits are nesting in the cigarette stub box by the side door! I have put a notice on it warning people not to use the box… There are obviously young birds in the nest as the parents are rushing in and out with tasty morsels and there is lots of cheeping!’

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