Crash course: An epistle produced by a group of Friends working with Jackie Carpenter at Woodbrooke

‘Reframing the future allows us to recognise that the end might be nigh, but that life and love go on.’

Peace Offering, by Caroline Stow of Kendal & Sedbergh AM, ‘inspired by our need to beg forgiveness from the natural world for our transgressions against it’.

The subject of climate collapse, or societal collapse in a time of climate breakdown, is overwhelmingly important. But our understandings of it are diverse. Some of us feel that collapse is now inevitable, with a real possibility of the end of life, at least for human beings and many other species. Others believe that moving to a sustainable future is still possible, and even likely. Either way, our differing viewpoints do not prevent us from experiencing a sense of relief in the discussion itself.

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