‘Affirmations can be for everyone. There’s such power in simplicity.’

Human kind: Rebecca Hardy talks to Redland Friend Julian Wood

'Art of Kindness' messages around Bristol. | Photo: Courtesy of Nicky Takes Photos.

In a rundown park in Bristol, in one of the city’s poorest areas, some strange things have been spotted. They might be peeking out from unkempt ground. They could be in a flowerpot, or stuck to a flaking football post, or fluttering in blades of grass. Not litter, something else: messages, on pieces of paper, attached to a tree, or on colourful flags wedged into the earth. They carry words of hope and solidarity: ‘This will pass.’ ‘Love’ll win.’ ‘Thank you for caring for others.’ ‘Love is cool.’ ‘Keep your heart open to others.’ ‘You are doing okay.’

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