Staff Profiles

Ian Kirk-Smith – editor
Ian Kirk-Smith joined the Friend in April 2010.  He had previously worked at BBC Northern Ireland as a producer, making programmes for both radio and television.  He was responsible for all Music and Arts programming in Northern Ireland between 1992-1997 and has directed and produced over thirty documentary films. In the 1980s he was a staff journalist with the Belfast Telegraph.  He studied at the London School of Economics and taught and worked as an anthropologist in West Africa in the late 1970s.  He has been a Quaker for thirty years and is a member of Ireland Yearly Meeting.  He is married with two grown-up children. 

Trish Carn – sub-editor
Trish Carn is the sub-editor for the Friend. She copy-edits articles and edits the letters page. Working two days a week since 2005, after covering maternity leave for the previous sub-editor in 1998 and 2001, she also does much of the layout and Photoshop work on submitted graphics. Trish has run her own desktop publishing company since 1989. She is an avid photographer and scrapbooker. A Quaker for over thirty-five years, she and her husband are resident Friends at Cambridge Jesus Lane Meeting in Cambridge. Trish is member of Quakers Uniting in Publications.

Elinor Smallman – production and office manager
Elinor joined the Friend in June 2011. She previously worked for the Science & Development Network, an international science communication charity, and the Nottingham University OpenDOAR project, profiling open access repositories around the world. She graduated from Loughborough University in 2006 with a first class degree in Publishing with English. Elinor has attended Quaker Meetings since childhood, took part in the Quaker United Nations Office summer school programme in 2007 and attends Young Friends General Meeting.

Penny Dunn – subscriptions officer
Penny Dunn has been the subscriptions officer for The Friend Publications Ltd since the end of 2006. She was drawn to work for the Friend because of her involvement with Quakers over many years. Penny has worked previously in a law school library and as a foster carer. She is married with two children and two grandchildren.

George Penaluna – advertisement manager
George works from a home office in a small village with its own train station just outside Skipton in North Yorkshire. He has been advertisement manager for a total of twenty-one years, and knows just about anything you need to know about advertising in the Friend. He started out with a degree in business, before working in financial services marketing with Abbey National, The Stock Exchange, Barclays Bank and Ecology Building Society. Originally from the north-east of England, George has lived in Manchester, Seoul, Edinburgh, London and Yorkshire. George started attending Quaker Meetings in Richmond upon Thames in 1987 and joined the Society at Kingston upon Thames in 1990. He is currently a member of Skipton Meeting.