Issue 28-06-2019

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Thought for the week: Judy Clinton on everything in the kitchen sink

FREE 27 Jun 2019 | by Judy Clinton

The other day I burnt a saucepan dry, very dry. That was a shame: its contents would have made a very tasty sauce. Instead, I was presented with a black, acrid-smelling, cremated, chunky mess, giving me a nasty job to clear up – and no sauce.

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‘Many countries are only just beginning to see hate crime as something specific to counteract.’

27 Jun 2019 | by Marian Liebmann

Flags at the conference venue. | Photo: Marian Liebmann.

The United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) guides the activities of the United Nations in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice. It also reviews United Nations standards and norms in this area, including their use and application by member states. The theme for discussion...

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‘When she preached it was “fervent, weighty, with the demonstrating of the spirit, and with power,”’

27 Jun 2019 | by Gil Skidmore

Fox’s pulpit at Firbank Fell. | Photo: Courtesy Brigflatts Meeting.

When does a movement begin? One reckoning dates the beginning of Quakerism from the day – 13 June 1652 – when George Fox spoke to a large gathering on Firbank Fell. But he had been gathering supporters before that date. Perhaps the setting up of an organisation spreading from Swarthmoor Hall via the Fell...

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‘Public preachers using a public address system were encouraging anyone listening to take action.’

27 Jun 2019 | by Judith Roads

Friends, old and new, at the Meeting for Worship at Marble Arch. | Photo: The Friend.

Sitting in Meeting for Worship last Easter – on the ground at Marble Arch in London, as it happens – I was struck by similarities between the Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement and the early Quaker movement in Britain. We were worshipping beside the XR climate camp, where public preachers using a public...

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‘Hester and Sophie’ by John Lampen

27 Jun 2019 | by Alice Hardy

Close-up of book cover. | Photo: 'Hester and Sophie' by John Lampen.

There is a scene about halfway through this book where one of the main characters, Hester, and her mum are talking about the Quaker view on God and spirituality. I said, “Him?” “Well, her if you like – or even it. I don’t think of God as a big Daddy...

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There Never Was Such A Goose

27 Jun 2019 | by Jonathan Wooding

'Goose, get out of this reflection, without me.' | Photo: Biel Morro / Unsplash.

And think of your clay-pit lake, its bright water a black slate spectral with depth – inerrant, I believe, in fabulous mockery, pauce ańd inflamed with sprung forms.

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Quakers mark Refugee Week

FREE 27 Jun 2019 | by Rebecca Hardy

The annual Refugee Week got off to a good start when the government announced that the UK will resettle 5,000 of the world’s most vulnerable refugees in the first year of a new scheme. As Quakers prepared themselves for a lively week of action, sanctuary campaigners congratulated each other after...

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BYM and Woodbrooke work together for changes

FREE 27 Jun 2019 | by Rebecca Hardy

Trustees of Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) and Woodbrooke, the Quaker study centre in Birmingham, have agreed to work together to radically change the way the two organisations support Friends in Britain.

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Quakers go to Glastonbury

27 Jun 2019 | by Rebecca Hardy

Friends will be donning their wellies this weekend when, for what is thought to be the first year ever, there will be a Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) presence at Glastonbury Festival.

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Standing ovation for Quaker prison theatre

27 Jun 2019 | by Rebecca Hardy

A Quaker theatre company performed in front of an audience of sixty inmates at a prison in the south west of England this month.

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Bath Friends mark Windrush Day

27 Jun 2019 | by Rebecca Hardy

Bath Friends were among those who supported the second Windrush Day event in Bath this month.

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Letters - 28 June 2019

27 Jun 2019 | by The Friend

Expressions of experience The language in this year’s Swarthmore Lecture might be difficult for some Friends. I call myself a Christian Quaker as I love the hymns of my Methodist upbringing and the songs of my later ecumenical experiences. I can resonate with the emotion of the Christian faith...

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