Issue 28-04-2017

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Thought for the Week: Being co-creators

FREE 27 Apr 2017 | by Ruth Tod

The annual Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) Spring Conference was an inspiring event. The enthusiasm, interest, energy and inspiration I experienced among Friends over the weekend continues to be a great source of support and upholding for me, especially when I start to worry about political and social crises....

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The distance between

27 Apr 2017 | by Tony D’Souza

Image from a book by John R Kippax (1849-1922). | Photo: Internet Archive Book Images / flickr CC.

Sometimes God seems so close. It is almost as though I could reach out and touch Him. I have had this experience a couple of times in Meeting. Yet, at other times God, or the Light, can seem far away. However, one thing is for sure – it is never Him...

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Credit unions

27 Apr 2017 | by Trisha Jones, Helen Still and Peter Higgins

Many people want a loan and cannot, for many reasons, access the loan facilities at their local banks or building societies. It may be that they are not permanently employed, do not have a bank account, are a tenant (rather than a homeowner), have a county court judgement against them,...

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Witness on Pendle Hill

27 Apr 2017 | by Jennifer Wilkinson

Friends from far and wide will hold a half-hour Meeting for Worship on the top of Pendle Hill on 6 May to show solidarity with the anti-fracking movement. This position is not radical or controversial. On the contrary, it merely echoes mainstream views held by the general public.

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What’s the point of a leaf?

27 Apr 2017 | by Tim Nicholls

During the Saturday afternoon break, while drinking a cup of tea sitting on the lawn in the sunshine, the clerk to the conference asked me what expectations I had come with. The honest answer was none, which I think was a surprise to her. I recounted that when deciding whether...

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From the archive: Quiet heroes

27 Apr 2017 | by Janet Scott

The story of the shipwreck of Rendel Harris in the autumn of 1916 was recorded in the Friend at the time and quoted in this series before Christmas (25 November 2016). On his way home Rendel Harris was, unfortunately, shipwrecked again. It was a terrible twist of fate. The Friend carried reports of...

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Reflections on the ‘Red Book’: Membership

27 Apr 2017 | by Judy Thurgood

Overseers should be sensitive to the needs of attenders, including children and young people, and, when the time is right, encourage a consideration of membership… Whatever the method or moment selected, it is important for the applicant to become familiar, as appropriate, with our discipline: for example, meetings for church...

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Dreaming the Spirit

27 Apr 2017 | by Angela Arnold

Dreams can be a lot of things. Joyful ‘nonsense’ unrelated to daily reality – like the one about practising new dance steps with an elephant…when I’m really not the dancing type (or personally know any elephants). They may be an anxious reprise of the day’s hazards – I might...

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Quakers urge fracking ban

FREE 27 Apr 2017 | by Harry Albright

friends are urging the Scottish government to ban fracking and unconventional gas and oil extraction. In a response to the UK government’s public consultation, Quakers are calling for bold steps to tackle climate change by supporting renewable, efficient energy instead.

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Global Campaign on Military Spending

FREE 27 Apr 2017 | by Harry Albright

From 20 to 23 April, Friends joined four days of action on military spending organised by the Global Campaign on Military Spending (GCOMS).

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Cuts to legal aid for prisoners are illegal

27 Apr 2017 | by Harry Albright

Cuts to legal aid for prisoners are unlawful because they are inherently unfair, the Court of Appeal ruled earlier this month in its judgement on a legal challenge brought by the Howard League for Penal Reform and the Prisoners’ Advice Service.

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Call to action

27 Apr 2017 | by Harry Albright

Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) is calling on Friends to join thousands of people around the world to take action during the Global Divestment Mobilisation from 5-13 May.

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Letters - 28 April 2017

27 Apr 2017 | by The Friend

Taking sides Peter Boyce (21 April) argues that ‘demonstrations, however well-intentioned, such as that of Greenham Common… represent the politics of hate, confrontation and violence… Taking sides leads to increased anger.’ This will surely come as a surprise to the thousands of Friends who marched to Aldermaston or who demonstrated against...

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