Issue 24-06-2016

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Thought for the Week: Lost in translation

FREE 23 Jun 2016 | by John Lampen

I sometimes hear Friends substituting ‘that of good in everyone’ for George Fox’s words ‘that of God’. Both ‘good’ and ‘God’ have such wide connotations that they mean different things to different people. But I believe that we lose something valuable by this translation. A dear Quaker friend of...

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The Welcome Project

23 Jun 2016 | by Terry Winterton

The St Augustine’s group. | Photo: Courtesy of Terry Winterton.

Oxford University Press recently announced ‘Refugee’ as the ‘Children’s Word of the Year’ for 2016. They chose it because so many children had been using the word in their essays for a BBC Radio 2 competition. All of us have become familiar with news of refugees fleeing from war in Syria...

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Europe: A healing space

23 Jun 2016 | by Oliver Robertson

Satellite image of the UK. | Photo: NASA Visible Earth via Wikimedia Commons.

The one thing we can say with certainty about the EU referendum is that there will be a lot of unhappy people waking up on 24 June. It may be that one of the most helpful things the Quakers for Europe informal group does after the event is to provide a...

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Peace scarecrows

23 Jun 2016 | by Robert Keeble

Foreground: 'Margaret'. Background: 'Robert Walker'.

The historic Gildersome Meeting House, which is located some six miles to the south of Leeds and was built in 1756, opened its doors for the annual ‘Gildersome Scarecrow Festival’ on Sunday 19 June. Following the horrific murder of MP Jo Cox just three days earlier in Birstall, less than three miles...

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Out of the Quiet

23 Jun 2016 | by Matt Wall

'How much for a TV?' | Photo: dailyinvention / flickr CC.

West Somerset Area Meeting is hosting an inspirational series of talks, on the first Wednesday of each month, at the beautifully restored Taunton Meeting House.

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From the archive: London Yearly Meeting 1916

23 Jun 2016 | by Janet Scott

Yearly Meeting in 1916 was deeply aware that as it met some of its members were in prison for conscience sake, and many others were engaged in service to relieve suffering. However, war was not the only topic discussed. The Yearly Meeting considered social issues, especially education and the impact of...

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Friends witness at Eurosatory

FREE 23 Jun 2016 | by Tara Craig

Peace activists from across the world gathered in Paris last week to protest at Europe’s largest arms fair, Eurosatory. Friends were among them.

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Open afternoon in burial ground

23 Jun 2016 | by Tara Craig

An open afternoon took place at the Quaker burial ground at Arundel Avenue, Liverpool on 12 June.

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Pickering Friends take stand on fracking

23 Jun 2016 | by Tara Craig

Friends from Pickering, North Yorkshire, have written to a regional newspaper to voice their dismay at a recent decision regarding fracking.

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Quaker libraries announce joint project

23 Jun 2016 | by Tara Craig

Britain Yearly Meeting and the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham have announced the launch of a joint development initiative.

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Meeting Houses offer quiet spaces after MP’s death

23 Jun 2016 | by Tara Craig

Huddersfield and Wooldale Meeting Houses were among the places of worship that opened in the wake of the murder of Jo Cox, MP, on 16 June. The Meeting houses opened that evening to offer space for stillness of mind and quiet reflection.

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New head for Breckenbrough

23 Jun 2016 | by Tara Craigh

Breckenbrough, the Quaker special school in North Yorkshire, has announced that headmaster Geoff Brookes will leave in summer 2017.

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Enlivening Meetings

23 Jun 2016 | by Tara Craig

Fifty Friends gathered in York on 11 June to discuss the value and effectiveness of Meeting for Worship.

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Letters - 24 June 2016

23 Jun 2016 | by The Friend

EU referendum I am a Quaker, an Italian, a British resident by choice, a European at heart. I certainly don’t feel different from anyone else. To those who advocate leaving the EU for its imperfections: please, dwell a little on our recent history. Some will say that we have...

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