25 September 2009

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Woolgathering: having no goal in mind

FREE 25 Sep 2009 | by Ian Wright

Stop what you’re doing, now. Put this magazine down, turn off the radio or television and just sit comfortably. You don’t have to sit in any particular way though the straighter your back the easier it is to breathe deeply. However, there is no particular way to breathe...

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Friends at the forefront of City of Sanctuary movement

25 Sep 2009 | by Craig Barnett

City of Sanctuary is a grassroots movement that brings together local organisations to make their town or city a recognised place of welcome and safety for people claiming sanctuary in the UK.  When I started to explore the idea of Sheffield as a City of Sanctuary in 2005, Sheffield Friends...

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Three special places

25 Sep 2009 | by R N Clarke

Cannock Chase’s German War Cemetery. | Photo: R N Clarke

Not so far from my home in Stafford are three special places. Special because they give genuine worth and dignity to the lives of particular individuals, and in so doing give meaning to all our lives. Cannock Chase’s German War Cemetery, Commonwealth Cemetery and Katyn Memorial are all to...

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Alternative economies?

25 Sep 2009 | by Joe Mugford

Launch poster | Photo: courtesy Brixton Pound

At the very beginning of this year, the Friend dedicated an entire issue to looking at ‘human economics’ or, in the words of the BBC’s Robert Peston, ‘the new capitalism’: that is, different attempts to experiment with ways in which economics operate on a human level. These attempts are...

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For better, for worse

25 Sep 2009 | by T J (Bill) Schaeffer

When I went to Christies’ Contemporary Arts to choose a couple of pictures as the gift from my firm for having worked for them twenty–five years, the young woman at the counter told me that she was shortly getting married. This prompted from me the following observation. If the...

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A new landscape

25 Sep 2009 | by Sarah Alldred

Being not long after York Yearly Meeting, the timing seemed apt for Quakers to be hosting what had been a pre-planned gathering in a gay bar on Manchester’s Canal Street to explore attitudes to spirituality and sexuality. It was part of the week-long Gay Pride celebrations.

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25 Sep 2009 | by Friend web

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Talk and tango

25 Sep 2009 | by Fiona Foulkes

Talk Together, a new initiative, met for its inaugural conference this August in Oxford. Aimed at teaching students conflict resolution skills and providing a forum for students from either side of a conflict to come together, I was lucky enough to attend as a ‘neutral’ student. As a group of...

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Letters 25 Sept 2009

25 Sep 2009 | by Friend web

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Friends Provident

25 Sep 2009 | by Lyn Wilson

Steven Burkeman and Andrew Gunn wrote telling letters (11 September) about Friends Provident (FP).  I echo their concerns and sadness. I quote from a letter in the Friend (12 May 2000) written by eight former directors of Friends Provident – of which I was one – who were seven Quakers and one attender: ‘If...

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Mayors and morals

FREE 25 Sep 2009 | by Michael Woolley

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Early years curriculum exemption refused

25 Sep 2009 | by Friend web

The first parental exemption request to the compulsory Learning and Development Requirements of the English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum has been refused.  Frances Laing, a member of Wirral and Chester Meeting, received a letter from her child’s state-funded school saying: ‘The school feels… it would not...

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Bournville connections celebrated at Rugby Meeting House centenary

25 Sep 2009 | by Nick Matthews

On 19 October 1909, the Rugby Advertiser reported that, a ‘Mrs WM Darby, of Birmingham, formally opened a new Friends’ Meeting house, which will be available for Adult School purposes’. The paper liked the new building. ‘The new Meeting house is of a pleasing design, and reflects much credit upon the architect,...

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Saving the bees – an update

25 Sep 2009 | by Philip Barron

Despite an international campaign on their behalf, the plight of the world’s bees remains critical. Apart from producing honey, these industrious insects play a vital role in pollinating food plants and an estimated one-third of our human diet depends on their efforts.  As reported in the Friend (19 June)...

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