Issue 18-06-2010

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Thomas Swain

FREE 18 Jun 2010 | by Friend web

Thomas Swain, clerk of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, is one of the few Friends who have worked in four major branches of American Quakerism – Evangelical, Friends United Meeting, Conservative and Friends General Conference. He is a regular visitor to Britain and is an associate tutor at Woodbrooke. 

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Quakers at Eurosatory

FREE 18 Jun 2010 | by Jez Smith

Quakers witnessing. | Photo: Photo: Marisa Johnson.

Around twenty Quakers from across Europe witnessed at the Eurosatory arms fair near Paris this week, dressed in white and declaring that ‘War is not the Answer’.

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Karen Armstrong on the ‘unknowing’

FREE 18 Jun 2010 | by Rosemary Hartill

Karen Armstrong signing books in the Quaker Centre | Photo: Photo: Trish Carn.

‘We are talking far too much about God these days, and what we say is often facile.’ Karen Armstrong has never been one to dodge calling a spade a spade, and last week at Friends House London, without a note, she gave a dazzling, scholarly and inspiring address on what...

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Muswell Hill centenary

18 Jun 2010 | by Ruth Tod

Some of the folk band taking a break by the pond. | Photo: Photo: Ruth Tod.

The first of our celebrations to mark 100 years of Friends in Muswell Hill was held on the weekend of 12 to 13 June. On the Saturday we had a garden party in our pretty organic garden, the pond on the left of the photo being an inspired solution to the puddles that...

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What’s in our name?   The Religious Society of Friends and the divine commonwealth

18 Jun 2010 | by Harvey Gillman

I have been asked at times: where does the uniqueness of Quakers lie? Indeed, is there anything that is unique amongst us? In order to respond to these questions, I found it helpful recently to reflect upon our name, the Religious Society of Friends, and how the ideas of religion,...

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Quakers in parliament – and elsewhere

18 Jun 2010 | by Ian Flintoff

William Penn’s view that ‘true godliness’ does not force people out of the world but drives them to live more adventurously in it is well known. So too is the query as to whether or not we are taking appropriate parts in the running and administration of our local...

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Uneven geographies, Nottingham Contemporary,  8 May to 4 July 2010.

18 Jun 2010 | by Judith Jenner

At Yearly Meeting both Roy Hattersley and Paul Lacey inspired me as I listened to their lectures about aspects of our unequal world. The following day I went to see Uneven Geographies, an exhibition in which artists from five continents explore experimental ways of depicting globalisation and its human consequences....

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Letters – 18 June 2010

18 Jun 2010 | by Friend web

Quaker Garden stays in Malvern Friends reading the letters page in recent weeks have no need to regret the transience of the Quaker Meeting Place Garden (described 11 June). Malvern Quakers also felt that it was a shame for such a lovely creation to disappear so decided to buy it. Having...

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Q-Eye – 18 June 2010

18 Jun 2010 | by Friend web

Bee alert Last minute preparation before the introduction to beekeeping course at Woodbrooke last week. The sign reads: ‘Bees! Keep your distance.’

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