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Jean Zaru wins justice award

FREE 25 Jun 2010 | by Sue Glover Frykman

‘In a part of the world that is often painted in different shades of violence, Jean Zaru is a beacon of hope. She is an advocate for dialogue between religions and is, as a lone female church leader in the Middle East, a role model for women’s leadership. During...

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Call to recognise peace heroes

FREE 25 Jun 2010 | by Symon Hill

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Taking the equality challenge

25 Jun 2010 | by Clare B Dimyon

Clare B Dimyon (left) with Natalija Puzanskaja at Baltic PRIDE – Vilnius 2010. | Photo: Photo: Daiva Šarijiene www.foto-studija.lt.

The decision to accept this honour was not easy and has involved considerable soul searching. As a Quaker, I am called upon to witness to our Testimony of Equality and this is what compelled me to go to Riga PRIDE 2007 and the subsequent PRIDE parades in Central & Eastern (C...

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Serving our Society

25 Jun 2010 | by Alick Munro and David Robson

What practical implications arise if we say that the responsibility of the committee to the individual member matches the responsibility of the committee member to the Society?

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‘It does what is says on the tin.’

FREE 25 Jun 2010 | by Reg Edwards

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Acting with integrity

25 Jun 2010 | by Jan Arriens

Young Friends at Netherlands Yearly Meeting. | Photo: Martin Touwen

It was a real privilege to attend Netherlands Yearly Meeting. The theme was ‘How can we as “a” small people influence big world problems?’ This proved to be a theme that connected up the gathering in many different ways. First, a performance of On Human Folly by Mike Casey and...

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Swedish Friends ponder neighbourhood questions

25 Jun 2010 | by Sarah Coote

In May, Swedish Friends gathered at Svartbäcksgården, the retreat centre near Rimbo, for their seventy-sixth Yearly Meeting. The multifaceted theme for the weekend was peace; two local speakers put the Quaker peace declaration to Charles II in historical and philosophical context, and explored the difficulty of being peaceful...

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Quaker Meeting for Worship on North Ronaldsay

25 Jun 2010 | by Alison Elliman

The Orkney Islands have a population of less than 20,000 and two small but dedicated Local Quaker Meetings. Two are necessary because travel between the islands makes it impractical for all to meet together more than occasionally, so one group meets weekly on Mainland (Orkney’s largest island) and one meets...

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Christian discipline?

25 Jun 2010 | by Ruth Milne

While sorting through some of my father Sidney Hill’s books recently I came across the volume of Quaker faith & practice he received when he finally became a member of the Society of Friends in 1970. He was attending Glasgow Meeting at the time and I found a couple of...

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Letters - 25 June 2010

25 Jun 2010 | by Friend web

Fun at the Leaveners’ AGM Defence spending review A new £450 million hospital in the north east has been axed as part of the government spending cuts. The Defence Review will include the following items: 135 x American F35 fighter bombers at £111,000,000 each, total cost £25,000,000,000 2 x Q E Class Aircraft Carriers at £2,500,000,000...

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Q-Eye – 25 June 2010

25 Jun 2010 | by Friend web

We’re the Quakers Bunhill Fields Garden. | Jez Smith There are many different ways to do outreach. Over the past few years you’ll have seen many methods, some of which have been covered on these pages. Eye notices that gardens are becoming popular (were they ever unpopular?). Seaford’s...

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