Issue 16-07-2010

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The ministry of play

FREE 16 Jul 2010 | by Philip Gross

Think of this as a note of introduction, tucked in the flyleaf of a book. The book is Off Road To Everywhere, a collection of poetry for children, which ideally I would leave lying round your Meeting house, for the young people in your Children’s Meeting and for anyone...

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Living Adventurously

16 Jul 2010 | by Hans Noak

Quakers celebrating Africa Day in Johannesburg. | Photo: Alex Kuhn.

‘Before we love others we need to love ourselves. How do we treasure our own Light and gifts. How do we learn to share what we have to offer? Do you seek to find the place where your own talents and the world’s needs meet?’  This is number...

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A gap year experience

FREE 16 Jul 2010 | by Philippa Goodall

Our granddaughter, Philippa, is a fun-loving twenty-year-old. In her gap year before going to university, she and a school friend worked at Marks & Spencer and saved enough to pay to go and teach for a time in Tanzania, where they are now. They have also organised fund-raising events to...

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Empowering hands, uplifting spirits

16 Jul 2010 | by Mike Watson

A well-supported family group or a family traumatised by violence and death? | Photo: Mike Watson

Empowering Hands are an award-winning group of young women, who were formerly abducted by the Lord’s Resistance army. They have since trained as counsellors and go out to rural areas every week to work with individuals and groups, who were initially traumatised by their experiences of the twenty-five-year conflict....

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Values for money: divesting from BP

16 Jul 2010 | by Chris Walker

An oil-coated pelican being checked. | Photo: US Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer Caleb Critchfield/flickr CC:BY.

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Labour leadership hopefuls share faith credentials at hustings

FREE 16 Jul 2010 | by Symon Hill

Candidates | Photo: Jay Butcher Photography

‘Values’ was the word on everyone’s lips as the five candidates for the Labour Party leadership pitched for religious support and spoke about the role of faith in their own lives. They answered questions, in a packed room of about 300 people, at a hustings run by the Christian Socialist...

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The joy of money

16 Jul 2010 | by Peter Daniels

Handling money for Quakers is a joy as well as a responsibility, as I have found during three years as an Area Meeting (AM) treasurer. This is not only the joy when the figures come right: the job involves interpreting to the members what our money is, so we can...

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Nuclear waste trains threaten 2012 Olympics say activists

16 Jul 2010 | by Symon Hill

The 2012 Olympics could be put at risk by trains carrying nuclear waste through London, according to warnings from local campaigners. They peacefully marched around the Olympic Park last weekend to express their concern.  The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) continues to criticise the moving of nuclear waste around Britain...

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News in brief

FREE 16 Jul 2010 | by The Friend newsdesk

Peace tax  Over sixty people gathered in Norway earlier this month to explore conscientious objection to war-related taxes. At least eight Yearly Meetings were represented at a Meeting for Worship.  The conference was opened by the Quaker ecophilosopher Per Ingvar Haukeland speaking on ‘New Earth, New Peace: Listening...

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The delights of Quakerism

16 Jul 2010 | by Bob Johnson

‘Freedom!’ cried the young lad triumphantly, as he barrelled past me out of Meeting, like a cork out of a popgun. I happened to be doorkeeper that particular Sunday when, for the first time in decades, our Meeting had been blessed by the presence of children. As I walked towards...

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Letters - 16 July 2010

16 Jul 2010 | by Friend web

Truth on terrorism Paul Lacey’s Swarthmore Lecture has led Friends to think about ‘terrorism’, the meaning of the word and whether we are being told the whole truth about it. It has brought together a number of Friends who believe that the truth about ‘terrorism’ needs considering, particularly since,...

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Q-Eye – 16 July 2010

16 Jul 2010 | by Friend web

Friends of the religion While preparing material for their new website, Friends connected to Friends House Moscow played around with the online software tool Google Translate to convert text from their Russian Language website into English. The results tended to fall a little short of Quaker principles of simplicity and...

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