Issue 07-01-2011

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Sung Soo Kim

5 Jan 2011 | by Quaker former head of the International Cooperation Team at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Republic of Korea,

When was the Truth and Reconciliation Commission established and what is its brief? The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was established by the government of South Korea in December 2005. The scope of the TRC’s investigations covers the following five areas: the anti-Japanese movement during the colonial period and the...

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A Quaker view from inside the ‘kettle’

FREE 5 Jan 2011 | by Diktynna Warren

The impact of government cuts will be felt by many people across Britain in 2011. There will be protests. Thousands will take to the streets to express their opposition to the cuts; but what will they experience? Events in late 2010 have given us an insight.

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How concerned are Quakers about government cuts?

5 Jan 2011 | by Martin Quick

I am surprised not to see a massive reaction to cuts in government spending and benefits on the letters page and articles in the Friend. Does this really reflect a low level of concern among Quakers about the way many of these changes will affect the poorest, most vulnerable, people...

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BAE plea bargain gets unbargained for results

5 Jan 2011 | by Symon Hill

For the first time, a High Court judge has said that arms giant BAE Systems appears to have benefited from corruption – just as the company was hoping to put the accusations behind it.

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An Asian adventure

5 Jan 2011 | by Lynda Berry

Some of the monks | Photo: Lynda Berry

I remember setting out one October morning from my Portsmouth home, knowing that I was travelling into the unknown. A first time world traveller, I took the train to Heathrow, and from there flew for ten hours to Suvarnabhumi International Airport. On arrival I joined the Thich Nhat Hanh South-east...

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Quaker Homeless Action fields two Christmas shelters

FREE 5 Jan 2011 | by Trish Carn

Hot dinners were available every evening | Photo: Trish Carn

Christmas 2010 saw a new enterprise undertaken by Quaker Homeless Action (QHA) in central London. A youth shelter was pioneered in anticipation of further needs arising in 2011 as the cuts to housing benefit and other benefits bite. According to the Shelter website: ‘Under the current rules, if you are single, under...

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Q-Eye - 7 January 2011

FREE 5 Jan 2011 | by Friend web

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The memories endure

5 Jan 2011 | by Adrian Smith

Over the weekend of the 23 to 24 October 1965 at Hunter Street Meeting House, Liverpool, forty-nine Young Friends (YFs) signed their Quarterly Meeting Attendance Book. It was the third highest YF attendance recorded in this book.

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Letters - 7 January 2011

5 Jan 2011 | by Friend web

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Yes, Friends, Wikileaks explodes the ‘free’ and ‘civilised’ world we know

5 Jan 2011 | by Sarah Freeman

I was thrown into a torrent of thought by a letter in the Friend (17 November) asking why there had been no voice from Friends in response to disturbing, and often horrific, information coming out of the website – Wikileaks. Hundreds of thousands of official British and American communications have been leaked...

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Quakers and the new year honours list

FREE 5 Jan 2011 | by Symon Hill

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Christmas puzzles

FREE 5 Jan 2011 | by Friend web

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